Nori Naraoka (Bassist, Producer)

Nori(Noriatsu) Naraoka was born in Sapporo, Japan.

Having been awarded a substantial scholarship to the Berklee College of Music, Nori came to Boston to study jazz in the fall of1998. After two years of studying music at the university level, Nori decided that he needed a more first-hand experience than the classroom could offer him at the time. He resolved to

immerse himself in the jazz culture by moving to the birthplace of Jazz New Orleans.


In 2005, Katrina hit, and Nori decided to move his family here to New York City. He has quickly turned out to be one of the busiest working bass players in town.


Nori is performing all over the country and world, from New York to Japan to Germany and beyond. Just a few of the outstanding music festivals that his touring has led him to include: The New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival in New Orleans, The High Sierra Music Festival in California, The Rochester Jazz Festival in New York, The Heineken Jazz Festival in Spain, The Ueda Jazz Festival in Japan, The Ingolstadt Jazz Festival in Germany, The Bourbon Street Festival in Brazil. 


Nori has performed and recorded with many top industry musicians including: Grammy music award winners such as Allen Toussaint, Nicholas Payton, James Carter, Terence Blanchard. Also world acclaimed musicians such as David Letterman’s music director Paul Shaffer, Page McConnell from Phish, George Clinton from Parliament/Funkadelic, Steve Berlin from Los Lobos, Zigaboo Modeliste, Leo Nocentelli from The Meters, Vernon Reid from Living Color, Damian Kulash from Ok Go, Cyril, Ivan and Ian Neville from Neville Brothers, Kaoru Watanabe from Kodo, Stanton Moore from Galactic, Yoshiaki Masuo, The Wild Magnolias, akiko, Oz Noy, DJ Logic, Marlon Jordan, Eric Krasno from Soulive/Lettuce, Dave Malone from The Radiators, June Yamagishi, Jon Batiste, Marco Benevento, Russell Batiste Jr., Christian Scott, Donald Harrison Jr., Delfeayo and Jason Marsalis, Trombone Shorty, Papa Grows Funk, Kishi-Bashi, Adam Deitch, Kermit Ruffins, Big Sam’s Funky Nation, Nicole Atkins, Fred Wesley, Bonerama, just to name few. 


In 2007, he released a self-titled album titled Nori Naraoka's 93D.

As a top musician and music producer in constant demand, non-stop touting, performing, clinic and recording work continues to take him around the globe.


Nori Naraoka uses world-renowned guitar crafting company “

Crews Maniac Sound” and professional audio equipment company “Custom Audio Japan”. He uses their bass guitars, bass guitar strings,Instrumental cable, speaker cable and power cable exclusively for all his performances and



In 2015, Nori became a member of the Grammy winner music group “Playing For Change, The group shoot the music video with musicians from all over the world and video is now on the nationwide TV commercial in Japan for one of the biggest stock brokerage in Asia “Daiwa Securities Group”.  Also performed at “United Nation” in New York for “Asia Game Changer Awards” as a mender of Playing For Change, Group was awarded as well, along with Jack Ma, Madhav Chavan, Malala Yousafzai.

奈良岡典篤 (ベーシスト、プロデューサー)。

北海道札幌市生まれ。2000年からニューオリンズで音楽活動を始める。以来ニュー オリンズとニューヨークを行き来し、アメリカ国内外、日本、ジャンルを問わず活動中。 ニューヨーク、ブルックリンにあるプライベートスタジオではプロデューサーとして数々 のプロジェクトに参加中。

主な共演者に、Allen Toussaint, Nicholas Payton, George Clinton, Zigaboo Modeliste, Leo Nocentelli, Vernon Reid, Damian Kulash, Ivan Neville, Terrence Blanchard, Kaoru Watanabe, Stanton Moore, 増尾好秋, The Wild Magnolias, Oz Noy, DJ Logic, Marlon Jordan, Eric Krasno, 山岸潤史, Jon Batiste, Page McConnell, Marco Benevento, Russell Batiste Jr., Christian Scott, Donald Harrison Jr., ジェロ, Delfeayo Marsalis, Jason Marsalis, Trombone Shorty, Papa Grows Funk, Adam Deitch, Kermit Ruffins, Big Sam’s Funky Nation, Nicole Atkins, Fred Wesley, Bonerama, Kishi-Bashi, akiko, Playing for Changeな ど。

2005年にグラミー賞を受賞したグループ、Playing for Change playingforchange.com に参加し、[Cotton Fields]を収録、現在大和証券グループ daiwatv.jp のテレビCMで上映 中。 2015年7月23日にMFAレコードより日本でもリリースされるプロジェクト、[The NYC Improv Project/Melting Point]はニューヨークのプライベートスタジオでエンジニア/ ミキシング、ベーシスト、プロデューサーとして参加。 参加メンバーは Jazzmeia Horn, Chaance Barnes, Tak Iwasaki, Maurice Brown, Jaleel Shaw, Jonathan Greenstein, Daisuke Abe, Nir Felder, Ben Patterson, Victor Gould, Sullivan Fortner, Mark Guiliana, Jamison Ross, Darrian Douglas, Joe Dyson, Keita Ogawa.

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